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Convert DaVinci Resolve Markers to YouTube Compatible Timelines

Convert DaVinci Resolve Markers to YouTube Compatible Timelines

I use markers in DaVinci Resolve to annotate videos for show notes and navigation links in YouTube video descriptions.

YouTube timeline

To output the marker info as an EDL, activate the timeline whose markers you want to output, then in the Media tab, right-click on the timeline, select Timelines Export Timeline Markers to EDL… and save the EDL file.


If the timeline isn’t open, the Timeline Markers to EDL menu item will not be available.

DaVinci Resolve Screenshot

Then, use the following python script to output the marker info in the format:

[00:00:00] Marker name
Check out STEAM Powered (https://steampoweredshow.com/) where I have conversations
with women in STEAM to learn a bit about what they do and who they are.
from pprint import pprint
from collections import OrderedDict
import sys
import re
with open(sys.argv[1], 'r') as f:
data = f.read()
lines = data.splitlines()
cases = ['\n'.join(lines[i:i+2]) for i in range(3, len(lines), 3)]
plain = []
for case in cases:
parts = re.split('\n', case)
times = re.split('\s+', parts[0].strip())
timestamp = re.split(':', times[4])[0:3]
# Fixes where timestamp starts at 1 not 0.
timestamp[0] = "%02d" % (int(timestamp[0]) - 1)
meta = re.split('\|', parts[1].strip())
metadict = dict(s.strip().split(':', 1) for s in filter(len, meta))
# Only outputs blue markers (default marker colour). Remove condition to output all, or replace with your preferred colour.
if metadict.get('C').strip() == 'ResolveColorBlue':
plain.append("[%s] %s" % (':'.join(timestamp), metadict.get('M').strip()))
# Omit markup if not required or replace with whatever you need.
print("+++--- MARKUP ---+++")
for i, row in enumerate(plain):
print(row + "<br />")
print("+++--- PLAIN ---+++")
for i, row in enumerate(plain):
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Published July 29, 2020
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