I am a web developer and software engineer with more than ten years of professional experience in developing applications for web. I specialise in sites and web applications that are supported across multiple platforms with best practice in mind. In addition, I have experience with teaching and mentoring, and have an interest in peer support, education and training, and process management.

I am inspired by good design, elegant code and thrive on challenging projects. I also have a keen interest in learning and exploring new technologies.

Since 2008, I have also been working as a freelancer and contractor in telecommute roles for clients based in various countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and Denmark, and for companies ranging from BGC locally in Western Australia, to FOX Broadcasting in Los Angeles, USA.

Sample of Client Work

Perkins Institute; Perth, Australia

Developing an intranet portal and internal social network for medical research organisations spread across multiple sites managed by the institute to facilitate networking, and encourage multidisciplinary cooperation, projects and knowledge sharing.

Technologies used: PHP (Elgg), LDAP.

WP Stream; Melbourne, Australia (link)

Working as a part of a development team with members in the US, Australia and Egypt to develop and manage an enterprise WordPress plugin for activity management and audit tracking.

Responsibilities include:

  • API service development
  • Infrastructure support for services hosted on AWS
  • Process development, documentation and training

Technologies used: NodeJS, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, AWS, Ansible.

Freestyle Technology; Melbourne, Australia

Building upon an existing SailsJS backend to provide API functionality, and a separate AngularJS frontend that can be deployed on-site on client servers. The interfaces allow clients to manage and monitor ZigBee devices installed at various geographical regions by multiple users. This is currently in production on-site with several clients in South East Asia.

Technologies used: NodeJS (AngularJS, SailsJS).

Experience (Formal Positions)

Software Engineer, X-Team International; Perth, Australia (HQ Melbourne, Australia) — 2012-2014 (link)

X-Team provides innovative bespoke web solutions and services for brands such as Twitter, FOX, Threadless, Rogers and Riot Games.

Working as a part of FOX Network’s distributed development team to manage and support web assets for shows in their current catalogue such as American Idol, The X Factor and Glee.

Responsibilities include:

  • Third party service integration of services including Janrain, Gigya, AdobePass, OpinionLab and Tealium
  • Process development and documentation
  • Optimisation and development of new and legacy software architecture

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX), Zend Framework (1 and 2).

Third-party service integration: Janrain, Gigya, AdobePass, Omniture, Tealium.

Web Developer, Pty Ltd; Perth, Australia — 2012-2012 (link)

Developers of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for BGC Residential using the world’s largest Drupal installation.

Contract work to assist in bringing the ERP through to launch.

Responsibilities include:

  • Implementing financial reports for various business sectors
  • Process documentation
  • Systems analysis for feature development, and code maintenance tasks
  • Coordination with offshore development team.

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, AJAX), Postgresql.

Developer, Crowd Fusion (now Ceros); Perth, Australia (HQ New York, USA) — 2010-2012 (link)

Crowd Fusion provides bespoke Content Management Systems used by brands and publishing houses for content delivery to multiple platforms. Clients include The Daily, TMZ and Anderson Cooper.

Working remotely as a developer building functionality and frontend user interfaces internally and for clients to facilitate content management and delivery for multiple platforms (mobile and desktop).

Major projects:

  • Implementation of a HTML5 Canvas based rich-text WYSIWYG editor. This work lead to the major software service offered by digital publishing platform Ceros (

Technologies used: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript (AJAX, jQuery, BackboneJS).

Senior Software Engineer, Epic Event; Perth, Australia — 2008-2013 (link)

Epic Event is a web startup that provides event management and ticketing services with sales integration through PayPal and merchant accounts.

Working remotely as lead front-end developer of the web application interface for event management and ticket sales. The interface is built using the Kohana development framework which uses Stomp with ActiveMQ to communicate with a Java backend.

Technologies used: PHP, Perl, Stomp, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX.

Programmer/Web Developer, iiNet; Perth, Australia — 2003-2008 (link)

iiNet is the second largest internet provider in Australia, with more than 1 million active internet and telephony services nationwide.

Developed web based and desktop applications for customer-facing product management and sales, customer relationship management, interdepartmental communications and human resource management.

Projects worked on were primarily bespoke, although several involved integration with third party frameworks and call centre telephony infrastructure.

Technologies used: Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, MySQL, DB2, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX.

Major projects:

  • Designed and implemented a TCP based point-to-point messaging system to facilitate communication between web-based applications and servers across iiNet’s information network. iiNet have since built upon this concept to reach its current SOA.
  • Call-centre desktop client which integrated the call centre telephony infrastructure with the in-house customer relationship management web application.
  • Re-architected the front-end infrastructure for automated online sales to be configuration file driven and fully modularised for multiple products and services.
  • Survey configuration and management system for online surveys and feedback.
  • Research and development of a CMS for internal and customer facing documentation, and templates for external communications.

Tutor, Curtin University of Technology – Department of Engineering and Computing; Perth, Australia — 2000-2003 (link)

Tutored computer science, engineering and business students in computing and programming fundamentals, algorithm design and programming languages Java and Visual Basic. Class sizes ranged from 12-30 students.

Senior Customer Support Representative, iiNet; Perth, Australia — 2000-2003 (link)

Sales, front line and advanced technical support for dialup, cable and DSL internet products as well as general computer and internet related software support for personal and business clients.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Production and maintenance of help/support documents for the iiNet online support site for use by both staff and customers.
  • Supporting junior support staff as a technical domain expert.
  • Shift supervisor when required.
  • Analysis of shift-wide incoming issues for identification and escalation of faults.

Assistant Chess Coach, Penrhos College; Perth, Australia — 1999-2001 (link)

Coaching and mentoring high school students in chess playing techniques and strategy for interschool and state tournaments.

Experience (Other)

Volunteer Programmer, Discworld MUD; Perth, Australia (hosted Seattle, USA) — 2000-2003 (link)

Discworld MUD is a popular text-based Multi-User Dungeon based on the Discworld book series authored by Terry Pratchett.

  • Created and maintained items, areas of the MUD to enhance user experience. Work was predominantly for the Ramtops region of the Discworld, although some work was performed for the city of Genua.
  • Drafted and initiated minimum coding and documentation standards for quality assurance.

Technologies used: LPC.

Liaison Domain Deputy, Discworld MUD; Perth, Australia (hosted Seattle, USA) — 1999-2000 (link)

Team leader in the Liaison Domain, the department that serves as the support tier between players and volunteer developers.


  • Mediator for player disputes.
  • Resolve system related issues experienced by players.
  • Managed a small team of liaisons responsible for the creation and maintenance for player support documentation.

Technologies used: LPC, Diplomacy.


Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia — Bachelor of Arts in Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), 2007

Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia — 2nd Class Honours in Computer Science, 2003

Dissertation topic: “The Psychometric Assessment of Potential Computing Students”
Paper co-authored: “Psychometric assessment of computing undergraduates” published in the Proceedings for the Psychology of Programming Interest Group, 17th Annual Workshop 2005.

Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia — Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2002


Technical Skills

  • Highly proficient in PHP, Perl, MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Experience with Java, Visual Basic, LPC
  • Experience with the following Content Management Systems: Crowd Fusion, Drupal, MediaWiki, WordPress, Elgg, and Development Frameworks: Kohana, CodeIgniter, Zend, BackboneJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, SailsJS, Meteor
  • Experience with frontend integration to backend business logic servers and third party systems through APIs and Message Queues
  • Experience with work environments that use Unix, Windows and OSX
  • Familiar with various version control systems
  • Versatile and adaptable, able to pick up new technologies and languages quickly

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Comfortable with public speaking and presentations
  • Experience with teaching and mentoring
  • Experience with production of technical and user level documentation
  • Able to work efficiently and effectively alone and in collaborative environments both local and via telecommute