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  • STEAM PoweredGatsbyJSMDXgist

    Clean-up Extraneous Paragraph Tags and Table Whitespace in MDX on GatsbyJS

    MDX wraps components with paragraph tags and can add extra whitespace in tables which produce invalid HTML. This GatsbyJS plugin cleans up the markup.

    October 09, 20211 mins
  • Bake-in SRT Captions into Videos Using ffmpeg

    How to create baked-in captions in videos using srt files and ffmpeg.

    October 01, 20211 mins
  • Generate SRT files with Google Cloud Services

    Using Google Cloud Services Speech to Text to generate SRT files from short videos.

    December 04, 20202 mins
  • Create Group Permissions with Migrations in Django

    How to create permissions on groups in Django in a migration.

    November 06, 20201 mins
  • Convert DaVinci Resolve Markers to YouTube Compatible Timelines

    Use DaVinci Resolve marker EDLs to create timelines that can be used in show notes and YouTube timelines.

    July 29, 20201 mins
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