Michele Ong

I am a creator, technologist, developer, and tinkerer. Continuous learning is my jam.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and a BA in Asian Studies majoring in Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin). The former resulted in a co-authored paper on using psychometrics to aid in recruitment and retention in undergraduate computing programs. The latter, while rewarding in many ways, is regretfully not utilised, but one can hope.

I provide software, application, and business development solutions for clients around the world, and have been doing so remotely solo and in globally distributed teams for more than 10 years.

Tech is most of my world. But people are fascinating. It's why my personal and work history is peppered with things like psychometrics, Asian Studies, teaching, and the odd training and mentoring program. It's also why I created STEAM Powered featuring women in STEAM fields.

Everyone has layers, depth, passion, and potential. And I want to share their journeys and passions so perhaps others can be inspired to find theirs, too, and maybe learn a bit along the way.

Selected Past Work


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